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Matt Cutts specializes in Google's SEO issues. His latest work: Youtube's Google Webmaster Central.

Cutts gives backlink building techniques.

Building a large amount of backlinks is ok. Cutts: Is there such thing as building too many links?

30% to most of a site's backlinks should point to its inside pages.

Superior sites get the most natural, quality backlinks.

SEOs of good character are more likely to have a superior site.

Webmasters who improve efficiency in achieving SEO goals should do well.

Righteous SEO work allows websites to quickly become popular naturally.


"It's quite complicated and sounds circular, but we've worked out a way to calculate a web site's importance."
Larry Page

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."
Albert Einstein

"I didn't say I was that smart, I said I went to class and I enjoyed what I was doing."
Willie Mays

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.gov and .edu backlinks
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SEOs' Algorithm | Priority List:  #1–4 #5–end | The Work | SEO Focus


Search Engine Optimization Checklist
(#14: Priority first)

thy SEO Checklist #5 - end

The Goal: To honestly say I have one or more useful site that increases in organic engine hits every month. |

Commitment: I have an all-or-nothing attitude to SEO work because people should visit useful (helpful) sites.


Creating new content requires proper attention.

I recommend creating new or overhauling existing inside pages when your determination gets you there. Useful web pages contain original content, that's true. A little content that seems copied from something else can also be useful when it reinforces popular ideas. SEOs' Algorithm

Tip A:  Offering a useful service or resource is the best way to get free backlinks, according to Matt Cutts, SEO spam worker at Google. Images about Internet News

Tip B:Useful web pages include: "why us?," "our mission," "contact us" info, an article on the history of your site's theme, a site map for users, a disclaimer, a dictionary on your theme, and a chat room. Useful resources include: A, a Bookmark Us or other javascript, news, a certified "Seal of Approval" button from a good site, a Google Custom Search, relavant videos, secrets, and respectable outgoing links (e.g., a,, or other well-known web page relating to your page's theme).

Tip C:  I recommend creating and maintaining one or two site maps. One in XML form (for Webmaster Tools) and one for visitors.

#2Keywords in Content: Popular Quotes

"Include the right words on the page. Think about what the user is going to type, and include those words." - Matt Cutts

A good start is determining your site's relevant, popular keywords.

One important thing here is to avoid possible useless content penaltites. When popular keywords are added, they must be relevant to the pages' actual usefulness.

This Keyword Tool (does not work in Internet Explorer browser) is helpful. It is also ok to visit other popular sites with the same theme, for good ideas.

I used to keep record of popular keyword phrases each good page should contain. Semi-naturally, I filled pages with half of these keywords. Then, I eventually rotated in the other half.

Now, I am trusting that my vocabulary and experience with keyword popularity is good enough that I can naturally create the right amount of effective keywords. The right keywords are more what I think they should be. I simply hope I am including the keywords that others are typing at search engines. The right keywords are relevant to the superior ideas within a site's theme.

Tip A:  A keyword density analyzer (after Submit, "Keywords found on page") can be used. A focus for this tool should be to understand how frequently popular keywords should occur on a page.

Tip B:  95%+ of the pages within a site should have no keyword that is mentioned more than 5% of word density, to avoid having redundant content for users. Keyword stuffing is likely an SE algorithm penalty according to Matt Cutts at Google.

Tip C:  95%+ of the web pages within a site should also have its most popular keywords mentioned at least 2.5% of word density. The reason for this is that each page gets good search engine ranking with its main keywords.

#3Keywording Backlinks:

One keyword phrase should be used, for your page's 1st top engine rank goal. Your page should contain this phrase word-for-word, and there should be a similar phrase. Ex: "Search Engine Optimization" twice on the page and "Search Engine" two more times.

The exact phrase (search engine optimization) should be used as 30% of its backlink titles, word for word. Three to ten other supporting phrases will make up the remaining 70% of titles. When most of these get to top twenty at one engine, additional keyword titles can be chosen. I don't like to work on over fifty backlink titles (phrases) for one webpage, to avoid a possible SE algorithm penalty.

Tip:  Beginning SEOs should focus on keyword phrases with a low to medium search volume. Phrases high in popularity can take a while for top ranking because of competition.


Backlinking Images

A good amount of a site's incoming links need to [deservingly] be on quality webpages. Sites deserve popularity when they are actually useful.

God is the one who gives us physical and mental energy to build ads for a site. For the most part, someone is not going to be energized to [frequently] promote a spammy site.

Three or more quality backlinks every week is recommended.

For new backlinks, I use the following techniques (#4.14.4), most efficient first:

#4.1  Quality link exchanges are a safe way to manually build backlinks. thy link exchange tips will help webmasters work efficiently.

Tip A:  I use two Microsoft Word documents, to organize all my sites' backlinks in alphabetical order. One for link exchanges and one for all other backlinks (forums, blogs, directories, etc). Microsoft Word allows me to color the font of every other data set, for easy viewing without line-breaks. I resize Word to about 30% of my screen size. The other 70% fills-up the internet browsers. I use abbreviations like NW for not working, Nnf for no nofollow, and Rcpl for reciprocal.

Tip B:  I place all link exchange urls and email addresses to avoid in a notepad document, alphabetically. I refer to this before adding links to web pages.

Tip C:  After completing a quality link swap, another one can be easily created through a safe email reply.

#4.2  Posting to sites, through a direct visit! I minimize posting to sites that use nofollow in: 1) The "a href" attribute of my link (<a href="" rel="nofollow">Text Link</a>), or 2) The <head> <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> </head>.

#4.3  The other way to relevant quality blog, forum, and link exchanges: Simply searching an engine for these using relevant keyword phrases.

#4.4  When searching for additional free ad space on social-network sites, keyword will show more good hypertext-matching backlink possibilities.

Motivation: Building good backlinks accounts for a big chunk of the reasons for good keyword rankings. SEOs' Algorithm shows this.

Tip D:  When visiting sites, I bookmark web pages that I can work on later. I work on only one or two of the backlink building techniques on this page at the same time. They are (1) posting, (2) link swaps, (3) buying at popular directories, and (4) other. Lack of computer speed comes into play when too many programs are open at one time. I change the words in the bookmark label for theme organizing because I have different sites.

Tip E:  Improving backlink quality: One could count four new links pointing to a page that is listing a backlink as one new backlink. This only works when avoiding engine cross-linking penalties. Example: Making friends at forums could create hyperlinks to a profile page that is listing a backlink.

Tip F:  Inside pages must contain hyperlinks to one another at the same site. A link to one or two inside pages can be placed on the home page and on half its inside pages, within the main content.

Tip G:Natural link building is done according to God's will. Unnatural backlinks, the kind that competing webmasters cannot manipulate are, likely, an SE algorithm penalty.

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