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Google is dominating organic searches: Today's Top Search Engines using Volume. |

Backlink (link:__) searches are no longer available at Google, Yahoo & bing.


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Search Engine Optimization Definitions

.com  >  an internet top-level domain intended to indicate that a website is used by an unrestricted commercial organization US Dot Gov Eligibility

.gov  >  an internet top-level domain intended to indicate that a website is used by a government institution

.org  >  an internet top-level domain intended to indicate that a website is used by an organization

3-way link exchange  >  a link agreement when there are no two sites pointing to each other

301 redirect  >  URL redirection or domain forwarding

Ajax  >  asynchronous JavaScript and XML: A group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side to create interactive web applications.

SEO's Algorithms algorithm  >  the mathematical formula in a search engine used to rank sites

anchor text  >  the text that is clickable. Also known as hyperlink

backlinks  >  a word for incoming links to a website

Bill Gates  >  Co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft (Bing). His personal official site: |

"The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." - Bill Gates

Bing  >  Microsoft's web search engine that also now (as of 2012) powers Yahoo! Search

black hat SEO  >  unethical high-risk techniques used to gain good rank that do not follow search engine guidelines. E.g., hiding written text (black letters on black background), other cloaking, and link farming.

blogroll  >  a list of links, usually placed in the sidebar of a blog, that reads as a list of recommendations by the host of the blog

BLs  >  backlinks

cache  >  a storage area within a search engine's database for copies of web pages

cgi-bin  >  a storage folder that contains Common Gateway Interface - Binary scripts. There is normally one cgi-bin per website inside [your] hosting files.

cloaking  >  a black hat system of delivering custom content to an engine spider but hiding the code or content from visitors

cross-linking  >  pointing five or more sites to each other to improve organic engine rankings

dofollow  >  a term for standard incoming links that do not have the nofollow attribute

doorway page  >  a webpage designed to draw in internet traffic and then redirect this traffic to another website. Also known as bridge, entry, gateway, jump and zebra pages [a probable engine penalty]

ethical SEO  >  using search optimization techniques that fall within all engine's guidelines

Firefox  >  a web browser developed by Mozilla that is free to download and provides an alternative to Microsoft's Windows Internet Explorer

folksonomy  >  a term for a social system managed by users that tag and label web content. E.g.,, and

frames  >  website design using multiple, independent sections to create a single webpage. Each frame is built as a separate HTML file, but with one "master" file to identify each selection. [unfriendly to engine crawlers]'s Organic Analytics

Google Analytics  >  a free service at Google that generates detailed stats about website visitors|

A benefit of using Google Analytics is to check the Page Views your site gets, to determine pay-per-click and other paid ads quality. Other benefits include tracking: Organic keyword popularity specific to a search engine, all other referring websites and visitors' physical location. |

Stat at Google Analytics: Traffic sources show zero Average Time on Site when those visitors have visited only one page. The real time for these visitors cannot be recorded because the Analytic software doesn't know how to. Source: Groups.Google Analytics.

HTML  >  HyperText Markup Language: Designed for the creation of webpages with clickable text and other information to be displayed in a web browser

HTML validator  >  a tool used to check an HTML document for various write-up problems. E.g.,'s CSE HTML Validator Lite

http  >  Hypertext Transfer Protocol: Transfers information between servers and browsers

https  >  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure: Transfers encrypted info

hypertext-matching  >  hyperlink (neighboring web pages) relevancy scores for page content details. Google's Technology overview used to show this term's importance in organic SEO.

IBL  >  in bound (incoming) link

image alt tag  >  the alternative text that the browser displays when the website visitor does not want to or cannot see an image on a website, placed in the image tag like this: <img src="seo.gif" alt="SEO" > .

inlink  >  another word for backlink

inside pages  >  a term for the non-home pages of a website on the world-wide-web

internal pages  >  inside pages

IP address  >  Internet Protocol address. A unique identifier that has four numbers separated by dots, like this: All computers across the internet are assigned one. They are used like street addresses.

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