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Web HostingTips

Best Web ServersChoosing the Right Hosting Company

Any one of these top 10 web hosting companies will bring customer satisfaction because they are the best of the best.

Things to not be concerned about:

  Costs because they are all bargains compared to doing it yourself.
  Untrustworthiness because they are big, respectable companies.
  Uptime because they do their best to keep customers for life.

2 Search Engine Optimization Things

Website Creation Tips

1.Tipson Creating a New URL Name:

When registering a new domain name, webmasters should take one to eight hours to search available names that include a popular keyword of your site's theme. The reason for this is because your organic engine rankings will get a big boost for your keyword phrases.

The smaller in characters the web addresses you create, the more friendly they are to engines and users.

Commercial sites seem to get more respect when they end in .com, even when adding up to eight extra characters.

A site will do well, when its domain name looks superior in its theme.

When creating inside pages, the most relevant and popular keyword should be used in the address. Example: is good when the new page is all about site usefulness.

Here are more site creation tips relating to SEO.

2.Avoiding Cross-linking Penalties:

For webmasters who own more than one site, at the same hosting company, there is a possibility of big cross-linking penalties.

Engine algorithm penalties can occur when cross-linked sites are shut down by hosting at the exact same time for longer than a seven hour stretch.

The reason for your sites being turned off would be because you have not paid again for hosting.

A smart thing to do, to prevent this from happening, is to keep the payment method's available balance more than the amount required to pay for all hosting costs one more year. Credit card expiration needs to be up-to-date, at a hosting account.

Based on my experience, hosting companies are strict when it comes to paying for hosting. When a site has not been paid for, it will likely be turned off within two days of the end of its contract. The reason for this strictness is to let users know that hosting should be #1 priority when it comes time for payment. SEO's Algorithms

If you do see a drop in organic traffic because your sites have been turned off, I would start removing cross-links right away. What should happen, based on my experience, is that your sites' algorithmic scores will slowly improve.

To play the SEO game using justifiable morals, I recommend using only a few-to-none cross-links. Inflating a site's popularity unnaturally is SPAM.

I have seen my organic engine rankings suffer after my cross-linked sites were shut down at the same hosting company for about eight hours straight. I suspect my sites were penalized because the engines found out I was cross-linking using too many different keyword phrases as my backlink titles.

Three weeks after slowly removing 90% of my cross-links, I noticed an improvement in organic rankings. Now I have no plans on going back to excessive cross-links.

Cross-links are not necessary, for high rank. The biggest thing they do is to add the element of a possible engine algorithm penalty. From the view-point of search engine programmers, cross-links do not follow their engines' guidelines.

A superior resource to back-up the existence of this penalty can be found at: Yahoo! Content quality guidelines > Resolution > Sites excessively cross-linked with other sites to inflate a site's apparent popularity (link schemes).

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