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"I feel as though time is a real pressing issue, and I want to get as much work done in the time that I have left."
Sylvester Stallone

Effective laborers make finishing their only option.

Always do whetever's next.

"Just do it."

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Some of the Latest Updates
(thy SEO)

January 6, 2015: Added more "christian worldviews" to Maslow's Hiearchy of Needs|

September 30, 2014: In html code, updated outgoing redirects to their new web adresses. |

June 7: Changed twitter follow buttons from scripts to images, to work in Internet Explorer 9. |

March 27: Added different words of inspiration to sidebars throughout site. |

January 13: Added Patience at to 4 pages. |

September 16, 2013: Started At Home Not Yet Rich Algorithm|

May 18: Finished transition of all pages from HTML 4.01 to HTML5. |

March 29: Emphasized idea of humbleness at I Statements 2, Sharing, World Mission, and Achieving Goals because thySEO is centered around building character strength|

Mar. 22: Started transition of all pages from HTML 4.01 to HTML5. I also adjusted site design and layout using SEO Desire and Home Page for CSS styling sheet copy paste templates. [Bottom of HTML5 New Elements has the removed (discontinued) write-up tags.] |

Mar. 17: Added Beginner's, Intermediate and Advanced Strength to SEO Work Schedule|

Mar. 12: Reduced width and height of wakingup.jpg| Good Bible Quotes

Mar. 6: Using content from Good Bible Quotes, created Good Bible Quotes 2. I added a reasoning ratio to SEOs' Less Fatigue Algorithm. I also cleaned up Site Map| Scripture on How to Pray

February 22: Fixed about 15 broken links using|

Feb. 21: Added "Indirect Scripture on How to Pray (Asking and Believing)" heading to bottom of Scripture on How to Pray| Love is an Excellent Idea

Feb. 18: Reduced width and height of redheart.jpg|

December 1, 2012: Extended out (added more) words in hyperlinks to about 1 ⁄ 3 of web pages. One example: useful is now because it's useful. The reason for doing this is to help specify keyword phrases for engines. |

November 14: Created "Sharing Ideas 10–15" web page. | Less SEO Fatigue

October 12: Added Philippians 4:8 bible quote to Sharing Ideas and Avoiding Causes of Fatigue 3 & 4|

Oct. 10: Added references to Jeremiah 9:24 at I Statements P. 2, SEO Results and Link Exchange|

September 28: Moving some of the first titles up one line, I reduced page length of Site Map|

August 31: Added more hyperlinks to inside pages on left bars. |

Aug. 28: Created SEO Fatigue Algorithm (Conclusion)|

Aug. 15: Created Cultivating Focus on Action - P. 2 using content from I also added 2 "I statements" and around 12 quotes. |

Aug. 7: Added more images hyperlinking to inside pages. |

Aug. 6: Created "Sharing Ideas 5–9" web page using content from | Worldwide SEOs Mission Statement

July 25: Emphasised the idea of "patience" at, mission.html, achievinggoals.html, sharing.html, workingathome.html, effective.html and goodquestions.html|

Jul. 18: Added Matthew 7:5 bible quote to|

April 3: Created "3 & 4" and "5 & 6 Avoiding Causes of Fatigue" pages using content from |

March 31: Created "Greatest Love Quotes" page using content from I also created "Why Link Exchanges?" page using content from |

Mar. 29: Created "Popular Quotes" page using content from I created "Achieving Goals" page using content from I also created "J–Z Definitions" page using content from |

Mar. 28: Created "Effective SEO" page using content from |

Mar. 27: Created "Email Scripts" page using content from I also created "5–end Checklist" page using content from | Video Making

Mar. 26: Created "Good Bible Quotes" page using content from I created "Video Recording" and "Video Editing" pages using content from I also created "Good Questions" page using content from |

Mar. 24: Created this "Latest Updates" page, using content from home page. |

Mar. 14: Created new "thySEO's Organic Analytics" page, using I also created new "Righteous SEO Benefits" page, using home page. |

Mar. 3: Changed several green, light sandy brown & black references to "SEOs' Algorithm."

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