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Based on the quality of my backlink, Scott Coplen will place your link on one of the following:

Any web page, on side bar: Site Map |
1 click away from home page, on left: Business, Computer Software, Design, Hosting Resources, Marketing, Mobile Applications, SEO, or Webmaster Resources |

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url: http://www.thyseo.com/create.html |
title: Web Site Creation |
title with 1-word description, to look like: Wise Web Site Creation |
long description: thySEO.com is a free site for all webmasters looking to maximize a site's organic rankings. Its focus is habitually working on priorities using SEOs' reasoning ratios. Choosing a top ten web hosting company is a good start. |

[The description can be edited.]

Using email, I need your:

1)  url |
2)  title |
3)  description |
4)  reciprocal url listing http://www.thyseo.com/create.html |

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