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Righteously laboring on engine rankings makes us stronger.


"Go to bed early, get up early - this is wise."
Mark Twain

"I feel as though time is a real pressing issue, and I want to get as much work done in the time that I have left."
Sylvester Stallone

"Exercise is nothing short of a miracle."

"Exercise is really important to me - it's therapeutic."
Michelle Obama

"You have six days each week for your ordinary work."
Deuteronomy 5:13

"Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established."
Proverbs 16:3

"Whoever is lazy regarding his work is also a brother to the master of destruction."
Proverbs 18:9

"People who work hard sleep well, whether they eat little or much. But the rich seldom get a good night's sleep."
Ecclesiastes 5:12
[Less Fatigue 3 »]

"with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."
Philippians 4:6

Be wise.

Work hard.

Push yourself.

Time is money.

After long hours of laboring, results are priceless.

Good Causes:
Athletic Alliance
Walk for Africa
Christ Ministries

"A strong body makes the mind strong."
Thomas Jefferson

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Search Engine Optimization Work Schedule
(Experts' Guide) Popular Quotes

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"If you want to make good use of your time, you've got to know what's most important and then give it all you've got." - Lee Iacocca

Search engine optimizers can be more effective, first making a commitment to the Worldwide SEOs Mission, then using the strength schedules below.


24 hours) rest & holy stuff | Good Bible Quotes

Moses said, "For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a Sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it must be put to death." - Exodus 35:2

An effective approach to desk work is completing to satisfaction all projects before exercising. It helps to estimate when projects will be completed.

The 3 strength levels below are for those who work at home.* Hours are arranged in order of occurrence.

(Weak) Monday–Saturday:

5–15 minutes) goals & action plan review |
1–5 hours) physical endurance (achieving body goals) |
1 hr.) priority desk work (s below) |
1–4 hrs.) physical endurance |
up 'til 8pm) desk work on projects requiring more than 30 minutes |

when needed) difficulty endurance to get ball rolling |
when sitting) laboring to keep good posture |
habitually when exercising) replenishing lost sweat (water, salt, potassium) |
when needed) body washing |
Useful Fasting Quotes and Content always) maximize working in daytime, sleeping at night |
whenever) praying |
if weak) regulating the amount of projects (start times) [Less Fatigue 2 »|
in private) religious fasting, at times using liquid to nourish brain |

(Intermediate Strength) Monday–Saturday:

1 hour) goals & action plan review; priority desk work (s below) |
1–5 hrs.) physical endurance (achieving body goals) |
1 hr.) priority desk work |
1–4 hrs.) physical endurance |
up 'til 8:30pm) desk work on projects requiring more than 30 minutes |

(Godly Strength) Monday–Saturday:

1 hour) goals & action plan review; priority desk work (s below) |
2–9 hrs.) physical endurance (achieving body goals) |
3 hrs.) priority desk work |
up 'til 9pm) desk work on projects requiring more than 30 minutes |

* SEOs who work at a job site (not at home) can make adjustments using time before and after work.

Less SEO Fatigue When choosing one of the three strength levels above, a good indicator is one's ability to endure or avoid difficulties in work.

Weak is to help those who get too fatigued while working.

Intermediate and Godly Strengths are two choices for the strong (doers of God's will).

Exercise needs to be started within a few hours of waking up, to minimize fluid consumption right before bedtime. This will help achieve the challenging task of sleeping 6–9 hours straight (not waking up to urinate). Early excercise will also help people who keep the body hydrated to avoid headaches because hydrating the warm Lamborghini (body) close to bed time adds more difficulty to the mix.

There should be a perfect target that is between "too much" and "not enough" water close to bed time. An effective focus is to keep a commitment to drink the last cup of water around 3 (or 2–4) hours before bed.

Some people will experience for themselves that there is no perfect amount of hydration when exercising late. That there needs to be more and less water at the same time. Hydrating an extra warm body can result in waking up to urinate, then getting a headache.

After years of enduring righteous SEO (desk work), I recommend physical endurance to minimize work fatigue. The time to achieve physical goals is now.

Health and nourishment are not enough. I agree with King Solomon when he said, "Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones." - Proverbs 3:7–8

In addition to fearing God, working on physical exercise helps cultivate a cyclical pattern of work and sleep.

Most should find that in order to get 6 to 9 straight hours of sleep, computer labor (typing and mouse work) is not enough to suffer one to sleep. [Less Fatigue 3 »]

"Yes, exercise is the catalyst. that's what makes everything happen." - Jack LaLanne

To minimize mind fatigue, physical laboring is effective. So is focusing all attention on the task at hand.

"Never permit a dichotomy to rule your life, a dichotomy in which you hate what you do so you can have pleasure in your spare time. Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time." - Pablo Picasso

SEOs' Algorithm Doing these things () qualifies for priority desk work:

  Work on thy SEOs' Algorithm, using a focus on biggest (in percentage) reasons. In turn, this should keep engines and visitors satisfied with trustfulness of a site.

  Finding popular secondary keywords within a site's theme, using this Keyword Tool (does not work in Internet Explorer browser), or the search box at the top of Google Trends. Then brainstorming new useful content. This is doing three things: Inlink building, updating, and useful resource creation.

When a site makes it to the top of organic rankings it will stay there when it is a superior service or resource. This likely requires constant updating.

  Improving the appearance of a site, using CSS and HTML5 (not HTML 4.01) gives the webmaster more design (page lay-out) power. When visitors trust the design of a site, it is easier to use (satisfying).

Visitors should have a difficult time using a site they cannot trust.

  Checking webpages for grammar errors. This will help to improve the trustfulness of a site. In turn it becomes more useful because it makes more sense.

  Minimizing words in content that have a likelihood of coming across as untrue. This requires reviews, in order to win the trust of the maximum amount of visitors. Complete honesty is good.

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug." - Mark Twain

  Removing and preventing any possible engine algorithm penalties that could be attached to your sites. Superior info can be found at Google Webmaster Tools, youtube's Google Webmaster Central, and Yahoo! Search Content quality guidelines.

Today's top penalties: Excessive cross-linking, outbound links not working, pointing to bad (PR 0) indexes, and below average usefulness of content.

A site should get continuous top rankings after its webmaster masters ethical SEO.

  Responding to useful emails quickly. E.g., link swap emails are priority when your backlink is already up and the other webmaster is waiting for their reciprocal.

  Preparing to overcome moments of fatigue. E.g., one could use the power of positive thinking, imagery, and patience to effectively prepare for the next moment of fatigue. Effective thoughts, while preparing, will be those that have emotions (e.g., enthusiasm).

  Very important non-SEO. E.g., commitments, priority reading, paying due bills, etc.


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